Africa - Integrated technology, security and operations center

Ursa Group designed and implemented a security program for remote monitoring of 40 separate locations in East Africa. Using a UHF/VHF based system and a fully licensed and registered proprietary radio repeater network, Ursa Group installed equipment at each location and linked the equipment through sensors to a dedicated operations center. Using a sophisticated SQL based software program, we monitor all signals and maintain situational awareness 24/7 at all sites.

Africa - Risk and Security

Ursa supported a US-based development organization in evaluating its risk management and business resilience capabilities and procedures. We worked with the organization's managers to develop a comprehensive strategy, written procedures and practical tools to manage business risk across over 30 US and international field offices in emerging markets.

Diplomatic Security Services

Ursa Group was recently awarded a contract to secure the British High Commission and UK Department for International Development in Lilongwe, Malawi. Ursa displaced a 20+ year incumbent contractor to provide uniformed protection services, security system monitoring and alarm response for all sites in Lilongwe.


Ursa Group was engaged to provide initial and ongoing training over a five-year period for 434 guards and supervisors hired for diplomatic security in Sub-Saharan Africa. We developed and delivered a proprietary training program consisting of classroom lectures and practical exercises supported by written handbooks. The course curriculum covered CPR, use of security technologies, rules for the use of force, defense and restraint techniques, alarm response and associated administrative procedures. Over a 12 month period our team will provide more than 51,200 man hours of training under this program.

Logistics and Administration

Ursa Group recently established a logistics and project support capability to sustain more than 400 individuals. We identified appropriate facilities, vendors and suppliers; imported industrial grade catering equipment; installed laundry and power generation capabilities; and now provides an uninterrupted food and laundry service 365 days a year in a region where food commodities and equipment can be difficult to acquire and the power supply is often erratic.

Project Support

Ursa assisted a US-based contractor with project initiation and startup in a Sub-Saharan African country. Our employees provided comprehensive management support, identified compliance and registration requirements, conducted evaluation of office sites, recruited key personnel and managed procurement of critical equipment from South Africa. We mobilized in 45 days from company registration to operation.

International Observer's Mission

Our client's mission was an important part of monitoring the electoral process. Ursa Group analyzed the security climate through site visits and meetings with local security stakeholders. We then designed a security platform comprising plans for intelligence gathering, journey management, physical security and briefings, which allowed international observers to monitor the electoral process throughout the country and achieve their mission.  USI provided office facilities, vehicles and personnel in support of the project

Threat and Risk Assessment and Security Awareness

Our client's office worked closely with elected officials and government offices to build capacity in the country’s democratic institutions. To ensure the safety of the organization’s personnel and assets, Ursa Group conducted a thorough review of the inherent risks to their program, including partnerships, road travel, criminality, medical access and natural phenomenon. We tailored a comprehensive safety and security program with a briefing for all local and international staff.

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