USI works in partnership with our customers to develop appropriate solutions that apply our security and technology expertise with decades of experience in the region.

USI has built a reputation for being one of the regions high quality security providers.  Our management team has decades of experience providing a range of security services through out Africa and the Middle East.  Our customers demand responsive and quality services and value our professional and transparent approach.

We understand what it takes to run a successful project and apply our expertise everyday.  Our close partnerships with customers sets us apart.  USI's security services add significant value to our customers, working side by side with warehouse, office and industrial activities with an objective that is focused on reducing our clients risks.

Security Personnel

When you contract with USI you don’t just get a guard.  You buy into our systems, our management, our supervisors and our professionalism—so you can focus on your core business. 

Our security personnel perform a range of duties and can be deployed to provide:

  • Pedestrian and vehicle access control
  • Monitoring of stock movements
  • Perimeter security
  • Monitoring of on site security technologies (CCTV)
  • Event management
  • Office and residential security

Our procedures for recruiting, vetting, training, remuneration, incentives, quality control and supervision are consistent with international standards and exceptional in the regional marketplace.

We seek out discerning clients who share our vision and will partner with USI in planning and deploying security and risk management strategies that are relevant, cost effective and make a real difference in your operations. 

Rapid Response & Monitoring

Our clients expect professional and reliable service, and we don’t disappoint. We employ state-of-the-art technology that is dependable and appropriate for the conditions.  When our clients call, they are confident that our teams will respond.

Our systems integrate immediately and seamlessly with most widely used security components that are already in place in homes and businesses and result in little disruption when installed.

If you have an operable panic or intruder system, we can have you up and running in about 60 minutes on USI's network. In most situations no additional equipment is needed other than our transmitters.

How it Works: When you activate a panic button or a sensor is triggered, our 24/7 operations centre receives a radio signal, immediately notifies the nearest crew and dispatches the team to your location within seven minutes depending on traffic and other conditions.  We track the response team using satellite tracking and radio communications ensuring accountability and enabling management oversight

In addition to response to alarm activation our systems can provide you with:

  • Opening and closing reports
  • Entry to sensitive area report
  • Critical operation alarms (Refrigeration, temperature)
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly alarm activity

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Special Projects

Special Projects

At USI we relish a challenge and an opportunity to work on projects that enable our customers success!  Our team has broad experience supporting customers in a variety of markets and sectors.  Our capabilities include:

  • Industrial and mining security
  • Logistics and security coordination
  • VVIP Security escorts
  • Commodity escorts
  • Journey management
  • Airport meet, greet and secure transport
  • Remote site logistics, site services and security

If you have a unique requirement contact us and we will work with you to develop a plan that brings to bear our experience, capability and capacity.