Technology significantly enhances detection, monitoring and response to operational, safety or security issues. Technology improves operations, maximizes effectiveness and reduces costs.

We design security systems that work for you.  USI chooses the most relevant technology and brands and designs systems that meets our customers unique requirements.  Not only do we design and install systems, but we are available thereafter to monitor and maintain your system. 

Many of the places we live and work have challenges that undermine technology, from power surges and outages to difficult environmental conditions.  USI knows what it takes to successfully deploy and maintain effective technology solutions in Southern Africa.

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is a core component of any well implemented security plan.  USI works with a variety of access control technologies and brands of readers and other components to enable our customers to effective control and monitor access.  Our solutions include door access systems, gate access for vehicles and other systems that can be integrated with stock control and inventory management.  Systems and technologies include:

  • Biometric, RFID, Card readers
  • Number plate recognition
  • Door access, turnstiles and gates.

Our systems are able to integrate with customers IT networks and we can advise on appropriate systems to link with payroll, inventory management or other information systems.

Intruder alarm system

Alarm Systems

We have found passive alarm systems to be a core requirement of any security solution.  Whether for a residential or business application an alarm system can provide a high degree of integrity and protect your critical locations.  USI's alarm systems incorporate a wide range of sensors and we apply sensors ranging from Magnetic contacts to Microwave.  Our alarms can be installed in:

  • Residential properties
  • Generators
  • Warehousing
  • Offices
  • Secure areas (doors, safes, yards)
  • Perimeter protection and detection.

Our Alarms can be monitored with USI's proprietary monitoring software that allows us to provide customers with a range of reports relating to the systems. 

Wide area CCTV


CCTV can be an excellent tool in aiding a business to verify, monitor and record business operations.  CCTV provides a check and balance on sites allowing review of activities, in some instances real time monitoring is also appropriate.  On large sites we have had great success applying CCTV solutions to monitor the integrity of perimeters allowing security personnel to use these tools to more effectively detect and respond to threats.   We can design and install systems that address some of the following applications:

  • Access point monitoring (residential & commercial)
  • Warehouse operations
  • Perimeter security
  • Office receptions
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Retail (shop floor, cash handling)
  • Banking
  • Production line
  • Storage

We can design an appropriate solution that fits your business from basic analogue large digital systems incorporating all types of security cameras.


At USI we stay abreast of innovation in our industry and are able to offer our customers a broad range of technology tools to support their requirements.  Some applications and technologies we support include:

  • Active RFID tags and asset monitoring.
  • Vehicle and fleet tracking management solutions.
  • Design and implementation of control room operations.
  • Generator management.
  • Asset tracking.
  • Electric Fencing.
  • Network and cable management (hardware).
  • Sirens.
  • Turnstiles and gate access.
  • Locks, mechanisms and security doors.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Package screening machines.
  • Security seals.
  • Access cards, ID Cards and ID printing.

Contact us for more information about how we can meet your technology and hardware needs.